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Business Coach Los Angeles and Culver City 

Whether you’re a new business owner or have been around for years, The Essential Entrepreneur has led premium business coaching, courses and business growth events to thousands of entrepreneurs in the Los Angeles area and throughout the US.

Lorenda Phillips offers you clear, practical and time tested ways to grow your capacity to be successful, gain more free time, and become a joyful business owner in the process.

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Uncover the 4 Principles of Leadership
• Discover the Power of Joy in Business
• Identify your Profit Potential Now!

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Joy & Profit in Leadership

The power of Joy and Profit are 
the success ingredients for your business. 

Joy gives you the energy to push forward and the positivity to get through the daily challenges of business ownership.  Profit keeps the focus on the money--the scoreboard in your business. 

It is critical to always keep your eyes on the money.  The synergy of Joy and Profit give you an environment of sustainability as you grow your enterprise. 

Retired Pro Athletes!

Are you a retired athlete concerned about what's next for you? 

I know you are disciplined, are familiar with the coaching relationship and have a passionate desire to win. 

If you wish to create a business - get back in play and out of the stands, contact me and let's see if we are a match to build a great future for you and your family. 

Client Testimonials:

Our coaching sessions cover marketing, staff development, time management and leadership skills.  And, since working with Lorenda my company’s revenues have increased 67% and that is in a time when many companies have called it quits! I feel better as a business owner, I am making more money and overall, I am enjoying my life!

Robert Ford,of Ford’s Plumbing and Heating, Culver City

I just wanted to tell you how much I am getting out of the Structures for Success course. I finally feel like a real entrepreneur, focusing on working ON my business, rather than in it. With your guidance I have been able to set and achieve so many goals and I am actually starting to see the fruits of my labors. You truly are the best business coach in LA! Thank you.

Annie Pinsker-Brown, Stage to Sell, Culver City

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